Class Dojo – TS1c, TS7b, TS7c, TS8d

Class Dojo.jpg

Class Dojo is an online reward system used for many different reasons. When teachers set this up, they are able to create a character for each pupils within the class. They are then able to award the pupils ‘dojo points’ in to encourage pupils for many different skills or values including working hard, being kind and helping others.

Another aspect of this system involves parental engagement. Teachers can share photos and videos of work, moments within the class or individuals performance. This motivates children to push themselves to their best potential and allows them to be proud of the achievements they have made.

Teachers can log into the class dojo using various different devices, therefore they are able to log into a device such a an iPad and move around the room, still rewarding pupils whilst working with others.

This system was used across the school during practice for many of the reasons stated above. Often ‘whole class dojo’s’ were given out if they had all shown progression or worked extremely hard. The child with the highest about of dojo points at the end of the week got a prize from the prize box, consisting of small toys, sweets, pens etc.


This system was effective during placement. It could be used to draw the attention of the class at the beginning of the lesson. It was also used to promote positive behaviour and encourage children to complete activities. Having the ability to share photos and videos with parents was effective as it encourage positive behaviour and motivation to work hard. Furthermore, as the system was used across the school, pupils were eager to increase their points as they wanted to discuss their achievements with their friends. This is a system I will use within the future, however, as i did not implement this previously, I will ensure I share photos and videos with parents and guardians.


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