Creating the Human Digestive System! – TS3a, TS4b, TS5a

During a Science session at university, various different hands-on approaches were discussed and demonstrated within the seminar. One explore how to create the digestive system using physical objects.

Digestive System.jpg

Many different everyday objects were used to show the process that helps a human body digest food. Bananas and weetabix were mixed together to show the food that was eaten. This was pushed through a series of objects, including a pair of tights. Finally the end product was produced to show the feces.


This activity allows pupils to visualise each stage of the digestive process within the human body. Activities such as these help to facilitate children’s learning and acquisition of children knowledge. This learning experience help to support my own personal understanding of how the human digestive system. Furthermore, it enabled me to discover the importance of planning lessons that promote curiosity within children, as this motivates children’s learning, supporting their knowledge development. Depending upon the year group my next practice will be based within, I will ensure I use this activity or a similar activity with the children I work with.


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