Deploying Support Staff – TS8c

There are a wide range of ways support staff can be deployed effectively. Following a lecture at university, I gained an insight into the ways that this should be adapted into everyday practice. The following show my notes from the session.


  • When planning lessons, it is vital to ensure support staff within the classroom are incorporated throughout the lesson.
  • It should be stated in the plans where they are required within the lesson, and the children or activities which they will be working with.
  • Teaching Assistants and other members of staff working within the classroom should be sent or give planning prior to the lesson. This allows them to query areas of the planning they may not understand or are not confident with.


  • Discussion with support staff within the class if vital in order to support pupils progression.
  • This should be carried out prior to the lesson to explain the expectations the teacher has of the pupils.
  • Once the lesson is complete, further discussion should be engaged with between support staff and the class teacher. This allows misunderstanding the children have had to be addressed and feedback to be gain based upon how the children worked with responded to the activity.


Reflecting upon this lecture, I have gained an understanding of the importance for deploying support staff effectively within the classroom. In order to effectively deploy members of staff to support learning and progression discussion and planning is vital. This is an aspect I have not engaged within whist on practice. For future placements and teaching experience I will ensure I include members of staff in the classroom into my planning. Furthermore, I will engage with conversation about the children they are working with and how well they have responded to the activities.

Target Update

Whilst undertaking my final placement, I was able to work in a class with a one-to-one member of staff for a child with SEN. When planning, I ensure the member of staff was included within the plans and they were emailed across to her prior to the lesson. Furthermore, after lesson, discussion helped inform my planning and understanding of the ability of the child she was working with. This was beneficial for my own practice, in relation to planning suitable and effective lessons for all pupils.

Below I have attached a snapshot of my End of Practice Report from my final placement. This refers to teaching standard 8 and how I met this within school.



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