Great Fire of London Display – TS1a, TS2e, TS4b

At the beginning of my final placement, the topic within the year group was based upon the Great Fire of London. Children had began to complete work related to this subject. I asked the class teacher if it would be possible to create a display for this topic they were completing.

I used a range of different pieces of children work that they had created within a literacy lesson and added these to the display. I added facts onto the display which were relevant to the history of the 1666 event. The display was bright and colourful, bringing life to the classroom. Children’s Art work was also added to the display to make a part of the picture; this added to a welcoming classroom environment for all pupils.

Below is an image of the display created.

Great Fire of London


Displaying the children’s work around the classroom stimulated a passion to work hard; it encourage children to try their best and gave the pupils who’s work was displayed, a sense of achievement. Having information about the Great Fire of London was effective; children often spent time in the classroom such as wet play times, where they would sit and look at the display. This meant children were reading the information and learning new facts without realising. For my NQT year I will ensure I incorporate bright, stimulating displays into my classroom.


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