Safeguarding Training: Channel online awareness module – TS1a, TS8e, PCC1b

Through engagement within this online module, my personal understanding of safeguarding issues have been developed. I have gained confidence upon completing this training, as it has deepened my understanding of many different aspects which relate to safeguarding:

  • It is possible for any person to be vulnerable to radicalization.
  • There are a wide range of concepts that can help identify individuals who are associated with terrorism, including: low self-esteem, peer pressure, bullying, family tensions.
  • There are aims set out by UK Counter-Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST), in order to reduce the risk of terrorism within the UK an countries over seas.
  • A key element devised by CONTEST presents various strategies that support discouraging the involvement within terrorist activities.
  • As a teacher, professionals are considered ‘frontline staff’ who can be a primary source for identifying patterns and behavior which indicates someone is intent on causing harm.
  • Mental illness can effect acts of terrorism, therefore it should be remembered that hurt inflicted on others is unintentional.
  • Teachers observations and information can increase the reliability of a referral as the Channel team can accurately assess the individual’s vulnerability.



I have gained an understanding that my acts as a teacher can help support others who are vulnerable to being radicalized. I have a responsibility to reduce the risk of this taking place with children in my care. Below you can find attached a copy of my module certificate which indicates my engagement within the module. Safeguarding2